No way I'm helping you people put Jesse Pinkman back inside a cage.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ( 2019 )

  |   Oct. 13, 2019

Breaking Bad was always the story of Walter White. A man who delved into the drug trade to pay off his mounting medical debts, and was transformed into a fearsome drug kingpin, willing to sell out anyone that stood in his way. It was fitting then, that its story should conclude with his death after five seasons. There was however, one story that was seemingly left unfinished - that of Jesse Pinkman, his former student turned partner-in-crime. Jesse and Walt shared their journey together, from low-level drug dealers to the kings of the trade, but their character development took opposing directions. While Walt revelled in his new found notoriety, Jesse was repulsed by the devastation it caused. The final season of Breaking Bad saw Walt Jesse held captive as a meth cooker and eventually liberated by Walt in his final act. El Camino then serves as a feature length epilogue, offering viewers some closure to Jesse's story. 

We pick up exactly where the finale of the series left off, with Jesse speeding away from the carnage in a camino. He finds himself on the run from both the police and the gang, and he must enlist the help of a cast of characters from the show as he tries to stay one step ahead. He needs to find a way to escape not just from them, from his personal hell, and to find a new life in a new place where he can start over, even if he'll never be able to put things right. However, disappearing is an expensive business, and his first task is to gather enough money, which means that the carnage isn't quite over yet. The story also deals with flashbacks to his time spent in captivity, an issue not dealt with extensively in the original series, where he runs errands for the psychotic Todd.

This isn't the Jesse that we first saw, or even the one we last saw in Breaking Bad. The light is gone from his eyes with tragedy after tragedy befalling him since Walter White first approached him for help.  Undoubtedly fans will rejoice in the opportunity to give Jesse's story a proper conclusion, one that doesn't make him simply a dispensable part of Walter White's empire. El Camino has its moments, and has a cinematic flair that sets it apart from the series. However, it still feels like a story that isn't necessary, and contains no real depth, adding just a short footnote to one of the greatest shows of all time. So while it's likely essential viewings for fans of the show, as a standalone movie, it hasn't much to offer.

Directed by
Vince Gilligan
Aaron Paul
Jesse Plemons
Charles Baker
Matt Jones
Scott MacArthur
Runtime: 123 minutes
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